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Our story

Peregrine are the external eyes and ears in collaborative projects. We are your agile execution partner in experiential technology.

Putting The Analog Back Into Digital

After years of designing and producing for live events, active/immersive workspaces, themed entertainment, and educational simulation environments, we believe it’s time to “Put the analog back into digital.” If all the storytelling, branding, spatial design, hardware, digital content and data does not translate into an actionable human experience… it’s merely a passive spectacle. Now, more than ever, stakeholders are expecting lasting context and relevance, not just a passing novelty.

The only given in technology is that it will change, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps today! We design and deliver experiential media systems, support and structural fabrication concepts, media content, and conceptual technology design.

We have the experience to adapt and communicate with clients and partners in their chosen platforms and deliverables. We don’t push our own technology techniques and solutions on your project; we become adept at your disciplines and solutions to support you.

Our design and project management philosophy always takes into account future capacity and expansion planning. Even when value engineering removes major features from a given systems design, we pursue leaving an upgrade/expansion path that doesn’t back the system into a cul-de-sac of obsolescence.

We know effective experiential delivery is only achievable through real-world multidisciplinary experiences. Our applied technology choices derive from our vast experience across various sectors and project environments. Peregrine provides a bridge between real-world human experience, creative design intent, relevant context in content, practical value-based engineering, and successful ongoing operations for owner/operators.


Our Culture

When it comes to the practical magic of applying digital technology to a real world experience, we inspire, we deliver, and we believe in the following:

 ”Put the Analog back into digital!”
PEOPLE are the first factor, always at the heart of any experiential design intent.

 “First comes people, then comes PROCESS, then comes the technology.”
A rational value based PROCESS that delivers true value for the entire lifespan of a project, not the just the “new & shiny” moment.

 “Practice Evolution, Not Disruption!”
The application of TECHNOLOGY should always be the practical magic that evolves, not disrupts, progress for your ventures and adventures. Always ask “why,” and especially “does reinventing the wheel really move anything forward?”



Over 85 combined years of experience in high-end, high-touch technology events and installations globally.

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