Peregrine OKB
Evolution, Not Disruption
Applied & Adaptive Technology, by Design

Peregrine are the external eyes and ears in collaborative projects. We are your agile execution partner in experiential technology.

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Effective Experiential Delivery Is Only
Achievable Through Real-World
Multidisciplinary Experiences

Our applied technology choices derive from our vast experience across various sectors and project environments.

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Peregrine provides a bridge between real-world human experience, creative design intent, relevant context in content, practical value-based engineering and successful ongoing operations for owner/operators.

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Case Study
Hilton Innovation Gallery
McLean, VA

The Hilton Innovation Gallery performs as an immersive R&D space to feature the company’s innovations in hospitality design.

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A Protective Admission
Control Solution

The challenge is to provide a quick and reliable access control solution that can safely and reliably fulfill the required protective measures for businesses, events, schools and more.

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